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Quality supplier

Our company was established in 2010 and is the leading supplier of party mask in China

Strict testing

We have a professional R&d departmentStrict quality control during every production process


Factory direct sale

Our party latex mask with excellent quality and reasonable price

AboutHengyu Toys


Huizhou Hengyu Toy was born in 2010 when owner Andy Zhang began selling his own work through the Alibaba.com . Today, almost 5 years later, we had grown into one of the leading suppliers of latex three dimensional mask.

So, Huizhou Hengyu Toy has grown to be the most recognizable supplier and won good reputation in latex masks area.

Huizhou Hengyu Toy continues to look to the future, discovering new ways to innovate the industry of Latex production and prop manufacturing. We have added durability to our latex products without sacrificing flexibility or realism. We continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, finding new ways to transform you into the creature you\'ve always wanted to be. We can handle anything from the your idea or concept, most detailed prop, to a huge fabrication job, and we have a skilled and helpful customer service team that works directly with the production staff to make your imagination a physical reality.



Teach you to make a horror mask

Creative handmade Halloween mask material, teach you to create a simple painting Halloween mask, the first step: to find paper platebecause the paper plate hardness and softness are relatively moderatedo a good mask is not easy; The position of the face of the picture;